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Aiming for 2018, Canada is planning to legalize a substance that has a very "bro" culture. This site is targeted to an older demographic that might have questions about how they can benefit from and consume medical cannabis.

The Toronto Waterfront Business Improvement Area needed a new site to showcase local businesses and help visitors get around.

A landing page for family.ca to promote new shows and contests.

CMF Trends

exclaim solutions inc.

The Canada Media Fund publishes CMF Trends, an analysis blog that helps readers better understand the ongoing changes happening in the world of digital media and technologies.

World of Canon Reviews

St. Joseph Content

By collecting reviews from multiple sources this aggregator promotes Canon lenses.

Canon Best in Glass

St. Joseph Content

A marketing tool used to advertise a sale on Canon lenses and camera bundles. Included links to purchase products on different sites like Henry's or BestBuy.

Online rsvp form for TODAY Show producers to track the number of guests expected for the live broadcast.

rdio.com MGMT


To promote an upcoming album, MGMT made a 45 minute video available exclusively to rdio.com users.

AT&T demonstrates how their products can help small business owners.

Old Navy Camp


Users were brought to this Old Navy landing page by Shazam-ing a pre movie commercial.

An info portal for the Nabisco sponsored 2013 North American tour of One Direction.

Each letter of a twitter search result (based on the phrase you enter or defaulting to #FITC) will be coloured to match it's overlay position on the image you upload. The end result is your image recreated with tweets.

This Canon camera simulator let's you play with the camera controls found in the "Creative Zone" of an EOS Digital SLR. You can check out the outcome of photos and get the effects you want.

Users register to create a personal task (called a “whatever”) to raise money for youth homelessness. 

A mobile version of a bigger site for non-flash phones (you know which one I'm talking about). I almost gave the QA person a heart attack when they started testing but using a normal web browser. The mobile jquery code is awesome.

Glenfiddich Cask of Dreams

Glenfiddich Cask of Dreams


I'm really happy with how this site turned out! The contest pages were hand coded and it was nice to see my regular login code pass strict security testing. The image gallery and thumbnail previews come from cmsms.

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