It turns out the story of the shoemaker's children is very accurate. I think I've been working on updating my site for the last 2 years. I've started 3 different times with different layouts. It's always the content that seems an overwhelming task. I write code, not sentences.

This is a very important message for anyone who wants a new web site. Know what you can do, know what you want to do and get skilled people to help you with the rest. 

How can I help you?

I am a full stack web developer. "Full stack" means I write both front end code (like html/css and js) and back end code (like php). For years I wrote my code using just a text editor. I know how code works. This old school approach let's me get to the root of a problem when that helpful framework or content management system isn't working as expected.

Besides coding websites, I like talking websites. I can explain to you why the page doesn't look like the photoshop design. I can talk to your client about all the awesome things they want their site to do and then rein in expectations if they're going over cost. Even better, I can offer your client alternate ideas for functionality that make more sense.

A haiku

To fix bugs in code
Brute force fails. Finesse using
my mad coding skills.

Amanda Lutz
Web Developer