WordPress Hackers are Jerks

November 2016

WordPress Hackers are Jerks

In my experience hacker jerks go after WordPress sites in one of two different ways:

  1. they add malware files to the site so anyone who visits could become infected with a bot or
  2. they submit multiple posts, comments, or emails to get links to their ... shitty products? ads? bots? I'm really not sure. Anyway, they try to get a lot of crap in your database and/or on your site.

I never understood why they'd bother hitting a local business' site. Then last month a lot of major sites went down (fyi, a video stupid auto plays) and it's possible the first type of wp hacker helped. A very high level explanation:

  • these jerks have scripts to put malware scripts on as many sites it can get into
  • a user visits the site and malware/bot does ... I don't know, it's thing
  • the bot that's spread to all these different computers and devices all hit the same server at the same time to overload it

Like I said, super high level. That is the extent of my hacking/malware/ddos knowledge.

But the second type of wp hacker jerk, who has scripts to search around for specific holes in web apps or themes, I don't get the why. Why flood a site with garbage? Why try to bring down this local business' web presence? Sit down, you're ruining the internet for the rest of us.