Tracking Candidate Teachers

Tracking Candidate Teachers
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About Project

I developed the internal administrative component of the province's first online application for tracking candidate teachers, schools and placement information for SUPO.

School-University Partnerships Office
Students at OISE must sucessfully complete 2 practicums in order to graduate. The SUPO office coordinates gathering student information, elementary and secondary school information and the teachers who are willing to take on a student teacher. The SUPO office organizes the student placement, records the student's evaluation and then reemburses the schools.

Admin - Account Functions
There are many different levels within the SUPO office. At the time of development, the office wasn't able to state which users had access to which functions. To solve this problem, anyone with root access can limit functions to different groups or users.

Admin - Switch On/Off
At different times during the year, the SUPO office needs to collect different data and perform different functions. For example, first the schools need to enter the teacher names and then students can be assigned to the teachers. To prevent SUPO office staff from performing these tasks prematurally, a user with root access can switch a function on or off. Some of these "switchable" functions include students filling out forms, teachers filling out forms, office staff making practicum placements and teachers filling out student evaluation forms.

Student Assignment
Students are manually assigned to teachers at different schools based on the courses the student wishes to teach and the courses the teachers teach. The SUPO staff members selects the student they want to place. A list of students who selected that course and a list of teachers who teacher corresponding courses is displayed.

Users with root access can create email to be sent out to all students, students who haven't filled out their information forms, all schools and schools who have a student assigned for the upcoming practicum.

Student Evaluation Form
At the end of the teaching practicum, the students are evaluated. After filling out the evaluation form, the teacher must submit it to receive their honoraria payment.

Honoraria Reports
Reports listing the honoraria amounts are available for SUPO staff.

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